Return Photos to the Work Site


Until now I have taken pictures of workers at many sites in Japan and abroad, such as brick factories and leather factories.

After taking a picture, after a series of activities such as exhibitions at galleries and museums, production of photo books, presentations at media,

I repeated the cycle of challenging new work creation, and as a result, I was able to see the work by many people.

However, in the cycle of this work release, the subjects of the subjects that are important are involved,

It can be said that something was hardly reduced directly to them.

If so, are they about giving them a photo book that I made, or a printed picture, so that they would look at me?

From when I was talking about my own work and my posture to the subject

I began to have doubts as to whether it might be okay with this way of life.

Such unpleasant feeling like small thorns became bigger and it began to embrace this thought soon.

Should the photographs taken should be reduced to the subject in the true sense?

One of the answers was to return the photos to the workplace.

It is a way to display their pictures at the workplace where they are working.

Objects reflected in the work objectively look at their appearance on the scene,

I am thinking that I will discover my dignity and beauty and be proud of my work and appearance.

In addition, we will do the exhibition work in collaboration with local people in Ichii.

That's because I want to spotlight the world where the subjects live and want to know their work and social role even a bit.

In addition to the people who saw the exhibits, the local people involved in the exhibition work actively participate actively in the subject world through photographs.

A dialogue is born there. The thought swirls.

Perhaps it is a chance to think about the lives and lives of others who casually overlooked due to this chance and consciously look at their own social roles and way of life.

You may have a problem consciousness in the social infrastructure and social structure where you live, which may trigger a movement.

A photograph is a function that connects communities unconsciously divided in society, that is, it becomes a communication tool,

I think that we can create various ideas among people in the field and local people and bring about small change to society.

I would like to return this photograph to various sites as a project named "Return Project". 



Akihito Yoshida






























これを「Return Project」というプロジェクトにして、様々な現場に写真を還していきたいと思います。


吉田 亮人